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Soft Blend Weaving

The most natural integration.
6 application techniques...
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Weaving Application

6-8 weeks
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Bond Application

6-8 weeks
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Soft Ring Application

6 weeks
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Liquid bonding Application

4 weeks
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Clip Application

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Easy Strand Application

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Color Overview:

Overview of all colors of this collection.
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Soft Blend Weaving

Pure Magic! 30% More hair - 50% thinner base than regular wefts!

Soft Blend Weaving is made of hand selected high quality 100% Human Hair. See for yourself. Feel the softness and see the movement. Experience the high quality of Balmain hair. Curl it, straighten it, you can even perm and color it. Do not perm the light blond colors. Use max 3% H2O2 when coloring. Soft Blend Weaving is a Balmain Hair quality product.

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  • Natural, comfortable, invisible Compared to other wefts, the new Soft Blend Weaving is applied closest to the scalp. See the difference!
  • Breathable, quick drying: 2x faster Because of the vents the new Soft Blend Weaving is breathable and after washing your hair, it dries faster. Experience the difference!
  • Flexible The new Soft Blend Weaving is flexible at the scalp. Feel the difference!

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