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Soft Blend Weaving

The most natural integration.
6 application techniques...
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Weaving Application

6-8 weeks
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Bond Application

6-8 weeks
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Soft Ring Application

6 weeks
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Liquid bonding Application

4 weeks
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Clip Application

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Easy Strand Application

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Color Overview:

Overview of all colors of this collection.
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  • Natural, comfortable, invisible Compared to other wefts, the new Soft Blend Weaving is applied closest to the scalp. See the difference!
  • Breathable, quick drying: 2x faster Because of the vents the new Soft Blend Weaving is breathable and after washing your hair, it dries faster. Experience the difference!
  • Flexible The new Soft Blend Weaving is flexible at the scalp. Feel the difference!

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