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Hair Dress
Straight from the catwalk: the Balmain Hair Dress. Long, voluptuous hair as the celebrities have on a premiere or a gala is created within seconds. Just as perfect for the office as for the weekend, dress up for every occasion in less than 1 minute. The Hair Dress is a quick and comfortable hair extension, made of high quality 100% Human Hair. Equipped with the soft blend edge, the piece will integrate with ease for the most subtle look. The Hair Dress is available in various lengths and colors.

Easy application
The Hair Dress is easy to apply without damage as it does not involve rings, bonds, tape or clips. The hairpiece is applied with the Fill-in strand, a little transparent strand which will hold the piece in place.

Ombré Color
Balmain Hair explored the boundaries of color; Ombré color. Amazing hand dyed blends of natural shades which gives the hair luxury, subtleness and depth. The color combinations will create an ombré effect, for a natural result. The Hair Dress Ombré colors are available in the lengths 25cm, 40cm and 55cm.

Single Tone
Four fantastic, easy to match level colors are available for the Hair Dress 40cm. These colors blend perfectly with a wide range of clients natural colors but they can also be enhanced with chemical color and customized to suit for any look the client desires.

Hair Dress Extra Full
Give your hair an intense glamour boost with the Hair Dress extra Full! Voluptuous hair as the celebrities have on a premiere or a gala is created within seconds.

The Hair Dress extra Full contains 30% extra hair. it is easy to use and gives you just that extra volume you are looking for. The Hair Dress extra Full is made of 100% Human Hair and can be treated and styled as your own hair. The color combinations will give your hair an ombre effect, for a natural result.

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