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Tape Applications

TAPE APPLICATION represent quick, high quality, fun and affordable products. It is now possible to make a major change in appearance within a few minutes.
Think of the endless possibilities of crazy colors, to natural high- or lowlights, to a complete lengthening.




Easy Length Application

For thicker, full bodied hair
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Easy Volume Application

For thicker, full bodied hair
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Color overview


ColorFlash Application

World's fastest highlights
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Color overview


ClipTape Application

Take a look at our wide range of natural colors.
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ClipTape Application

For people who like to wear crazy colors.
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Color Overview:

Overview of all colors of this collection.
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ClipTape Extensions Buy now

  • ClipTape 15 cm. Create extra volume in a fringe or a add a stylish color.
  • ClipTape 25 cm. Add high- or lowlights quickly or create voluminous hair.
  • ClipTape 40 cm. Add color, volume and length for a fashionable hair style.

  • The ClipTape exensions can be cut into smaller strips, flexible high- or lowlights to work with.
  • Layered hair for natural integration.
  • 6 Months quality guarantee on the hair when using Balmain Hair Care.

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