About Balmain Hair

"They want you to think that hair is hair. Well, it's not just hair. It's Balmain Hair."

Not all extensions are equal!  But good hair is about how it is made, the quality and about the company behind it. Over 40 years ago, Balmain Hair (licensee holder of the Paris’ Fashion House Balmain) set out a mission: to source, select and process the best hair in the world.

The dedicated Balmain Hair team will not rest until our & your  hair is perfect: the highly experienced hair & extensions specialists train, educate, promote the Balmain Hair ethos in over 50 countries worldwide. 

Try Balmain Hair yourself! 
There is a reason why Balmain Hair is the only company in the world who gives a 6 months guarantee on the hair.


Share in our Hair+ Philosophy

First there was cutting, then colouring and of course styling. But this is all temporary; colour can fade the big blow dry washes out next wash! But Balmain Hair has the answer Hair philosophy: real solutions for everyday hair problems. Many women cope daily with hair challenges such as fine ends, or not enough body, or they cannot have chemical colour. It may feel for these clients that beautiful, voluminous, healthy shiny hair is unreachable. Thanks to Balmain Hair these clients can achieve the hair of their dreams.  Choose from the following services.  

- Risk Free Colour Service
Non-chemical colours in 3 minutes

- Full Hair Service
If your ends are thin and fine

- Lasting Volume Service
If your hair loses its body easily

- Glamour Service
Get affordable celebrity hair, the big blow dry or the boho waves

- 5 Minute Service
Instant change with the Ready to Wear Collection



Balmain Hair Supplier Standards of Engagement for Human Hair Extensions     

 Balmain Hair supplies 100% human hair extensions, which are being sourced in South East Asia. Balmain Hair is also the hair manufacturer and has been sourcing from the same supply chain consistently for over 40 years. The hair is being processed by the factories in Asia to achieve the product required for use in our hair pieces and hair extensions.

Doing business in a sustainable and fair way is consistent with our quality and innovation principle. In line with this we consider good working conditions and a transparent supply chain to be part of our overall goal to deliver the highest of quality to our customers. We continuously strive to keep the human hair business fair and ethical. Since we at Balmain Hair are taking our role as corporate citizens seriously, we continuously monitor our supply chain and responsibility issues. In consultation with our suppliers we have drawn up sourcing and quality guidelines called the “Supplier Standards of Engagements”.

Our sourcing guidelines have been created as an extension of our belief in responsible business practices. These practices include our supply source, ethical policy and moral belief. The Standards contain various internationally respected labour standards primarily based on e.g.ILO Conventions, including the so-called core conventions, the UN’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Rights at Work, Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Labor Organization, UN Global Compact, OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises and various other leading and well-respected conduct-guideline initiatives. Consistent with our values, we expect our partners to conduct fair business with dignity, honesty and responsibility in all aspects of their business. We at Balmain Hair use the ‘Supplier Standards of Engagement’ as a tool to assist us in selecting and retaining business partners who follow business practices consistent with our policies, morals and ethical values.


Balmain Fashion House

Balmain Fashion House

The famous Balmain fashion house was founded in 1945 by the renowned couturier Pierre Balmain, known for his elegant and super feminine Madame Jolie-style. In 2005 the fashion brand took a twist when Christophe Decarnin came on board as a head designer. With his outstanding, edgy, glamorous and sexy looks, he brought rock & roll to the catwalk, making Balmain into the most wanted fashion brand amongst trendsetting party girls and celebrities all over the world. From USA to France, to Denmark, UK and even South Korea… Balmainia really is everywhere!
The current head designer, Olivier Rousteing, has proved to possess the famous Balmain-DNA. Taking over Christophe Decarnin as a head designer? Those are quite some boots to fill. But Olivier did it. His collections still own the Balmain-signature look, but with a highly appreciated twist.