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Supplier Standards of Engagement for human hair-extensions

Balmain Hair supplies 100% human hair extensions which are being sourced in South East Asia. Balmain Hair is also a hair manufacturer and is sourcing from the same supply chain consistently. These suppliers have been collecting and providing human hair to us for over 30 years. The hair is being processed by the factories in Asia to achieve the product required for use in our wigs and extensions.

Doing business in a sustainable and fair way is consistent with our quality and innovation principle. In line with this we consider good working conditions and a transparent supply chain to be part of our overall goal to deliver the highest of quality to our customers. We continuously strive to keep the human hair business fair and ethical. Since we at Balmain Hair are taking our role as corporate citizens seriously, we continuously monitor our supply chain and responsibility issues. In consultation with our suppliers we have drawn up sourcing and quality guidelines called the “Supplier Standards of Engagements”.

Our sourcing guidelines have been created as an extension of our belief in responsible business practices. These practices include our supply source, ethical policy and moral belief. The Standards contain various internationally respected labour standards primarily based on e.g.ILO Conventions, including the so-called core conventions, the UN’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Rights at Work, Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Labor Organization, UN Global Compact, OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises and various other leading and well-respected conduct-guideline initiatives. Consistent with our values, we expect our partners to conduct fair business with dignity, honesty and responsibility in all aspects of their business. We at Balmain Hair use the ‘Supplier Standards of Engagement’ as a tool to assist us in selecting and retaining business partners who follow business practices consistent with our policies, morals and ethical values.

For detailed questions relating to the content of our Supplier Standards of Engagements please refer to Steward Guliker at

Hot hints

* When rinsing hair, rinse for a few seconds extra as the extra volume created by your extension may mean it takes a little longer to rinse.

* Some extensions can fall out (max. 10%) in the first few days, collect them so they can be re-attached with.

* At nighttimes gently tie your hair back in a loose braid or twist; this will help prevent tangles or knots. Never sleep with wet hair!

* Treat your extensions as your natural hair. Balmain aftercare, a regular maintenance programme with your extension stylist will keep your hair looking great for longer. 

* 6 months guaranty when using Balmain aftercare products. 

* If you swim we recommend that you wear a protective bathing cap as the chemicals in the pool or salt levels in the sea may affect your extensions. 

* We do not recommend: Sauna


When brushing your hair it is always better to use a large soft bristle brush. The Balmain brush is recommended, as this will ensure the hair does not snag or catch your extensions or natural hair, as other types of brushes might.

Using the recommended Balmain brush will leave the hair shiny and in optimum condition. We recommend that you begin brushing at the ends of the hair, then move up to mid length and finally brush the root area. At night time gently tie your hair back in a loose braid or twist; this will help prevent tangles or knots.

Drying and Styling

The Shine Spray adds a radiant shine to the hair. Spray from a small distance (30 cm) on wet or dry hair. Avoid eye contact.

The Shine spray is suitable for daily use. Always dry the hair after washing. If using a hairdryer we suggest that you use a low heat and the Balmain brush to style. Once dry, you may style using Carmen, Hot Rollers, Hot Sticks, Curling Tongs or Hair Straighteners.

NB: 100% human hair only. Do not use these styling methods on Fibre extensions.


All hair needs conditioning whether natural or extensions. Apply the Balmain Conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends only, do not apply to scalp or bonds, gently massage, distributing the conditioner thoroughly. You can brush the ends using your soft bristle brush. This will help ensure every hair is coated thoroughly with conditioner. You should leave the conditioning treatment on for a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. Once conditioned, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use the recovering Balmain Hair Mask once a week. Apply on damp hair, leave in for 5 minutes and rinse out. It moisturizes and restores dry and damaged hair. Strengthens from within and gives vitality and shine. For best results, use in conjunction with Balmain Shampoo.


Balmain Shampoo: A gentle moisturizing cleanser enriched with 'Green Tea' extracts to cleanse the hair and scalp. Rich in Catechin Polyphenols, Green Tea extract contains EGCG, a powerful antioxidant and is a good source of Vitamin C, proteins, tannins and theanine. The Balmain shampoo gives a natural shine and color protection. First brush your hair thoroughly, then soak with warm water, we would suggest that you do not turn the head upside down but always wash from the crown down. Next apply shampoo. Distribute your normal amount of shampoo at the root area; gently massaging in small circles over the scalp area, this will cleanse both the natural hair and your extensions. There is no requirement to scrub the mid-lengths or ends as these will be cleansed sufficiently during the rinsing process. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Suitable for daily use.

6 Months guarantee!

Removal is a simple procedure, which does not damage the hair in anyway if performed by your Balmain Extension Stylist. Balmain guarantees the condition of the Human Hair extensions and DoubleHair for 6 months when using our Hair Care range. The better you look after your extensions, the longer they stay looking fantastic. Your stylist can re-apply a percentage of the extensions or DoubleHair using the Balmain Rebond system, therefore re-application is very cost effective, significantly lower than the cost of your first application.

How are Extensions & DoubleHair maintained?

Depending on the natural hair growth, Balmain extensions needs to be re-applied within 2-3 months or the bonds may become visible. DoubleHair should be repositioned every 4-6 weeks.

To compliment your home aftercare regime and help you keep your extensions beautiful, we recommend a regular maintenance visit to your extension stylist. This could be every four to eight weeks and your stylist can re-apply the extensions or DoubleHair when it needs new placement.

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